What my clients say!


EO felt that she could not speak her truth. If given any feedback she would act defensively and take any comments for improvement to heart. This was affecting her job and she wanted to be able to accept feedback, and learn and grow from it, without being emotionally triggered.


Hi Anna. Thank you for the recording. I can’t wait to listen to it again (and again). I loved my RTT session with you, Anna. Right from the get go, you made me feel very safe and I found your kind confidence reassuring. As the session progressed, I began to feel lighter, unburdened by those past negative thoughts and beliefs. I felt as if a light had been switched on in an unused part of my mind and the chunk of self-esteem that had been sleeping in the dark corner there was now mine to wake up and reactivate. After the session, you said I was beaming. I was and still am. Thank you, Anna, that was a beautiful and rejuvenating experience.


WA felt dissatisfied with his work as a lawyer: stressed, disenchanted and feeling that work had become routine, he was contemplating his future and did not feel confident about the path ahead of him.


Anna’s session with me helped me to understand how I was still feeling trapped by thoughts and feelings from my childhood.  Whilst I did not remember these issues from my past, their ghostly hand was reaching into my life and invisibly ruining my self confidence and feelings about who I needed to be to be liked (and that I needed to be liked).  As a result of this my mentality shifted, I handled the transition to a new firm without stress and I am developing a leading practice in my field.  My zest is back!


JM felt overwhelmed in her business and had low self confidence. She was not charging her worth, and subsequently over giving in her work, which caused issues with her clients and her relationship.


Anna has been helping me a lot over the past few months.

I run a wedding styling business and as much as I have confidence in my abilities to bring my creative visions to life, I’ve always under valued and under priced my work to the point where my business become an expensive hobby.

Anna has really helped inject the confidence in me that is much needed to take myself more seriously and apply a business head where necessary.

Aside from my business, Anna has seriously helped my with my goal setting and visualisation which I can honestly say has really helped me in MANY aspects of my personal life.

I’d absolutely recommend anyone to use this service as for me, it’s been the wake up call and nudge in the right direction I very much needed.


JV had been through a traumatic and abusive relationship and had very low self confidence and self worth. She was experiencing constant anxiety which was affecting her life and ability as a parent.


I started working with Anna at the beginning of the year. I had so many things I felt negatively about and thought the opinion of myself would remain and I wouldn’t be happy again. I spoke to Anna as a long time friend, and mentioned Briefly about certain things, Anna was certain she would be able to help me but I wasn’t overly positive on the matter but gave it ago. Anna has since proved me wrong and her work is outstanding. She is the only person that has helped me and I would highly recommend her. By doing the sessions with her and being there for support she has helped me face so many hurdles, turning them into positives instead of negatives as I was previously.  I have since overcame a lot of my fears and my negative thinking. I now look at the positive side of things and find ways to make it happen!! I can’t wait to be working on my next targets and to continue to improve the opinion of myself. I would recommend working with Anna she is outstanding.


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